Every Bride Deserves a Wedding Album

Every Bride Deserves a Wedding Album

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, all the planning, all the things that are special to you.

Don’t be tempted to save a couple of dollars by getting a USB of the images and nothing else.

At Gold Coast Wedding Photography we believe that wedding albums tell a story for generations to treasure.

Years ago our grandparents always received a wedding album and to this day that is the one possession that is treasured more than anything else.

How many times have you heard “the floods were came but the wedding album and photos are safe”

Plenty, yep. Wedding albums are a family air loom for generations to share your special day, And you can have your family and friends awe over the beautiful creation now.

Why won’t I do one later?

A survey was taken on brides doing albums after the wedding and it was less than 1 out of 10 brides  did one that is 90% didn’t do one later.

But I will be the one in ten who will do an album? Unfortunately it takes a lot of work to design an album, even our highly skilled photographers it takes up to a week to design an album. You just don’t have the time when you get back to reality after the honeymoon.

In that our highly skilled photographers we will retouch your photos.  

And the cost ?
Because we do plenty of albums through our suppliers we get a pretty good discount. If you did just a one off album you can easily pay up to $1800 for one of our albums.
So let us design the album for you.
8x8 gold cover front webAlbum with image on front.
Gold Coast Wedding Photography Wedding Album 3x 45x30cmAcrylic Face Album
Gold Coast Wedding Photography Wedding Album acrylic cover 45x30cm
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